In professional dishwashing areas, Rendisk has stood for the very best results with the brand Rendisk since 1973. We embody the guiding principles and core values of excellence, innovation, efficiency, craftsmanship, together with a passion to offer unique solutions that are sustainable and that respect both our local and world environment.


Founded in Ruurlo, the Netherlands in 1973, Rendisk has grown to become a leader in smart dish handling- and groundbreaking food waste solutions.

Part of Ali Group

Rendisk is proud to be part of Ali Group, a global market leader in the foodservice equipment industry. Together we provide a unique heritage of expertise.

Our philosphy

It’s our mission to improve working methods in dishwashing areas all over the world, but we do this with a keen eye for people and the environment.


It’s in our nature to be modest, but we are pleased to have won several awards and prizes for our food waste solutions.