Ikea Norway

At IKEA Norway all stores offer a wide food offering across breakfast, lunch and dinner resulting in substantial amounts of food waste on a daily basis but how they differ to other European stores is that space is a big issue on their premises.

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Dan Nesvold, Food Range & Purchase Manager, IKEA (Ringsaker, Furuset and Slependen) explains "The most challenging aspect of the rebuild at the IKEA Furuset store is space, in fact “lack of space”. We need to have a highly efficient design to solve our problems, we got just that from the engineering team at Rendisk and they surprised us with a unique and functional lay out. The tray elevator that transports trays from the co-workers restaurant to the main dishwashroom allows us to maximize efficiency and reduces internal transportation of tray trolleys. Other than this, we have solved the issue of cross contamination which is extremely important for food safety and hygiene. All in all a major improvement. “

By introducing the Rendisk Solus Eco IKEA Furuset have improved ergonomics, hygiene and efficiency while reducing labor and waste handlings costs. Nesvold: “The reason we choose the Rendisk Solus Eco was the small footprint, the simple connection and the good price of the Solus Eco compared to large solutions.”

Equipment list:

  • Tray handling
  • Tray elevators
  • Cutlery magnets
  • Sorting unit high-low
  • Solus Eco