Rendisk Transfer Eco – Economic Pump System

Rendisk is proud to introduce the “Transfer Eco” food waste management system, which is a cost effective disposal solution to the growing issue that is food waste. It is no longer acceptable to macerate left over food to drain due to the build-up of FOGs (fats, oils and greases) in drain systems and sewers and to tackle this problem, Rendisk is constantly innovating and developing new trends in food waste solutions.

The easy and clean modus to save waste and handling costs

  • Waste stations with heavy duty grinder
  • Compact waste station: 0,6 m2
  • 450 kg/ hour capacity
  • Pipe work of only 50 mm
  • Standard 3,000 or 5,000 Liter storage tank
  • Transportation pump lenght of up to 30 Meters
Rendisk Solus Eco - Stand Alone Waste Unit

Innovative food waste solution


Rendisk latest product development with the brandname Rendisk comes in the form of a pump based food waste system which is perfectly suited to hotels, restaurants, schools, college, universities, care homes, business and industry and several other sector that require food waste management and handling in the most convenient, efficient and cost effective way possible. By choosing the Transfer Eco system you choose a future proof solution that has been created with ergonomics, hygiene, ecology and innovation in mind.

Rendisk Transfer Eco - The easy and clean modus to save waste and handling costs


When using the Transfer Eco system food is deposited into a waste station for environmental disposable, ground and transported through 50 mm plastic pipes which are simple and cost effective to install into any new build or existing property. The resulting ground food waste is periodically pumped to a 3,000 of 5,000 Liter PE storage tank, ready for collection by a waste/garbage truck. The resulting waste, once transported away from site can then be used as a biogas to organically produce energy due to its calorific content.

Rendisk Transfer Eco - The easy and clean modus to save waste and handling costs

The Transfer Eco is capable of handling all types of food waste thanks to the heavy duty grinder built into all Rendisk waste stations. Bones, seafood shells, coffee and carbohydrates included, no waste separation or double handling is required at all saving time and costs of labour.

Handle your food waste in the most hygienic and economic way: the Rendisk Transfer Eco.

Optimal service and support

We at Rendisk understand better than anyone that your business has the highest priority and should not be interrupted at any time. That’s why our service and maintenance are focused on reinforcing and supporting your core business. Rendisk trains and supports its own large Rendisk dealer network extensively, and it has branches in all countries where it operates. In short, Rendisk offers you the security and confidence needed to make the main process run smoothly. So with Rendisk, help is always near if you need it. Look for the dealer of Rendisk solutions in your country on our dealer page.



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