Our projects

Rendisk equipment is used in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, universities, company restaurants, maritime areas and locations like holiday and entertainment parks, in many countries across the globe. Below you can find some examples of our reference projects.

Ikea Delft

IKEA Delft is a top 10 store of Ikea worldwide were they meet up to 5,000 till 10,000 customers a day. Together IKEA Delft servers at an average day 9,300 meals a day, breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.


Google Tel Aviv Office has 7 floors and over a thousand employees. It has restaurants spread across three floors where fresh products are used to serve to 3,500 meals per day over breakfast and lunch.

Ikea Norway

At IKEA Norway all stores offer a wide food offering across breakfast, lunch and dinner resulting in substantial amounts of food waste on a daily basis. The big issue at the stores in Norway is the limited space.


Restaurant Symphony’s is located in the heart of the financial district of Amsterdam. It consists of a brasserie and a large terrace. On an additional day they serve about 800 meals during lunch time.

Wellington College

Wellington College is an independent school in England. It has a 1,050 students, boys and girls and a couple of hundred employees. Wellington serves over 3,000 meals a day; breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Elsevier B.V.

Elsevier is a Dutch publishing company located in the business district of Amsterdam. On an average day they have over 900 diners covering lunch and banqueting events.