Multiple Insert point

The Rendisk multiple insert point is designed to combine two sets of the tray conveyor into one. This creates an optimal flow in your dish washing process best to realise the capacity of your tray conveyor.

create an optimal flow for your dish washing process

The multiple insert point is designed to fit to the advanced tray conveyor. The control of the insert points is done by the PLC program. The sensors enable a good feeding of two conveyors into one stream.

The multiple insert point is equipped with two motors so there are no extra motors needed for this item. The central control box does the controlling of this.

the Leader in dishwashing logistics

Rendisk multiple insert points are used in many countries in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, universities, company restaurants, maritime areas and locations like holiday and entertainment parks across the globe.

Improve the efficiency of your dish handling process with the Rendisk multiple insert point:

  • Large capacity
  • Optimize your dish handling process
  • Easy to operate

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