RENDISK FLEX WASTEDISPO – Vacuum Disposal System Wet Waste

The Rendisk Flex WasteDispo Wet Waste is a vacuum disposal system for organic kitchen waste in restaurants, universities, hospitals, business restaurants, hotels, maritime areas and locations like holiday and entertainment parks. This disposal system is a new generation kitchen waste management system which greatly reduces handling and the costs for your kitchen waste.

The environmental friendly kitchen waste management solution

  • Multiple waste station options
  • Wet waste storage in 5,000 Liter tank
  • Small footprint, only 2 m2
  • Pipe work of only 50 mm
  • Unlimited length of transport pipes
  • Closed circuit for processing food waste as wet waste for environmental disposal
  • Hygienic processing of kitchen waste
  • Kitchen waste becomes renewable energy
Rendisk Flex WasteDispo Wet waste - 5000 liter tank


The Flex WasteDispo provides an automatic and hygienic processing of your food leftovers. Multiple waste stations are connected to a single pipe system, suitable for restaurants and kitchens with multiple floors. Because the waste stations can be integrated in almost any washing and conveying technology, it’s not necessary to store the food waste in separate roller containers, not even temporarily. This saves time and space and at the same time offers excellent ergonomics for your co-workers who simply throw the food waste into the waste station(s) where it is ground up. Using a special vacuum technique the food waste is then transported through the pipes to the storage room. As a result there are:

  • No open buckets or bins of food waste to move around
  • No unpleasant odours
  • No flies, vermin or mould spores

The video below explains perfectly how the Rendisk Flex WasteDispo - Wet waste works:

We can offer you 3 different types of storage, so all may choose the solution that fits their situation best. In this variant Wet Waste the ground food waste is transported as wet waste through narrow vacuum pipes to a central storage tank. For the other types of storage go to Rendisk Flex WasteDispo – Dehydrated or Rendisk Circular.


The organic wet waste is transported to a central storage tank until it is disposed of by a tanker. The volume of the storage tank depends on the volume of food waste you have. The standard storage tank holds 5,000 Liter, but different sizes can be built on request. This wet waste is perfect for generating energy or for use in biogas installations.

Rendisk Flex WasteDispo - Wet Waste - Kitchen waste becomes renewable energy

Award winning solution

The Flex WasteDispo is a new generation of kitchen waste vacuum systems which set a standard of efficiency and hygiene within the market. This generation of kitchen waste vacuum systems has already won several awards within the hospitality business. At one of the largest and most coveted catering equipment trade shows, the Gulfood in Dubai, the Rendisk Flex WasteDispo won the “Best Sustainable Catering Equipment Innovation Award 2013”.

At the Facility Fair in Den Bosch, the Netherlands, the Rendisk Flex WasteDispo was rewarded with the FGNovelties Award 2013. According to the jury of the FGNovelties Award Rendisk won the award because “all criteria were met when it comes to human friendliness, sustainability, hygiene and savings. Furthermore the product is profitable”.

So improve the hygiene in your kitchen: the Rendisk Flex WasteDispo – Wet Waste.

Optimal Service and support

We at Rendisk understand better than anyone that your business has the highest priority and should not be interrupted at any time. That’s why our service and maintenance are focused on reinforcing and supporting your core business. Rendisk trains and supports its own large dealer network extensively, and it has branches in all countries where it operates. In short, Rendisk offers you the security and confidence needed to make the main process run smoothly. So with Rendisk, help is always near if you need it. Look for the dealer of Rendisk solutions in your country on our dealer page.



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