our philosophy


Rendisk has a strong legacy and great ambitious for the future. We have overcome the most challenging changes and developments. Our commonly held values, traditions and focus at every level of our business guide and inspire us every day. Our values are what define us, make us worthy of trust and help us grow both as individuals and as a company.


  • Excellence to keep reinventing ourselves: We are constantly striving to improve even our best solutions so as to make them smarter, more efficient and more sustainable.
  • Innovation that matters: We want to offer our clients state of the art technology that truly makes a difference and makes their work in the kitchen easier.
  • Efficiency through simplicity: All our efforts are focused on user-friendly solutions that optimize internal kitchen processes.
  • Craftsmanship due to experience: Since 1973 we've been developing our own solutions and have grown to become a market leader in dish washing logistics and food waste solutions.
  • Passion for sustainability: We combine all values above together with a passion to offer unique solutions that are sustainable and that respect both our local and the world environment.


These core values inspire us to be the best that we can and help us achieve our mission: "To improve working methods in dishwashing areas all over the world, but we always do this with a keen eye for people and the environment.”

We pride ourselves on leading in smart, sustainable and innovative solutions for dish wash logistics and food waste management. Rendisk is eager to develop solutions we know our clients want.

Future-proof kitchen solutions

Rendisk strives to develop future proof kitchen solutions

We at Rendisk have a firm commitment to sustainability. All our solutions are designed to save costs and improve your profitability but also contribute to your corporate social responsibility, lowering CO2-emissions and massively reducing the amount of food waste. After all, food waste is one of the biggest challenges to the world’s economy and environment today. Rendisk is fully aware of its responsibility to current and future generations.

Governments and legislating bodies are increasingly more concerned with food waste management. Food is a valuable resource and any waste is an expensive poor use of this resource. Traditional methods such as maceration to drain or landfill are becoming socially unacceptable. Catering facilities struggle with their waste handling processes. Internal transport is a hassle, expensive and unhygienic.

Rendisk strives for a world where proper waste management is the norm and where our solutions contribute to a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable world. In our changing world, socially responsible and economical food waste management is not optional – it’s essential. We are ready, are you?


All our efforts are focused on making your work in the kitchen easier, more efficient and more sustainable. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do and we take great pride in the fact that we stand for custom-made solutions. We manufacture to the highest standards and with care, so our solutions live up to our clients' expectations for years to come.

And by choosing Rendisk you choose a professional organization that is able to deliver you the complete package. It is our conscious choice to keep research and development, production, sales and service all under one roof. This guarantees the best adaptation to the needs of our clients, continual innovation and high-quality products that are easy to use. We are an expert, devoted service organization.

innovation is in our Dna

Innovation is in the DNA of Rendisk

Innovation is in the DNA of Rendisk; it's part of our whole being, of our existence. Innovative new techniques create the opportunity to take that step forward. That’s why it is a well-considered choice to have our own Research and Development department.

However, at Rendisk innovation is not only just about technological achievement. It begins with an ability to listen to our partners and clients to understand their changing needs, in order to see the future and always be able to offer solutions that are always one step ahead of the rest.