Tray Elevator

Rendisk has developed different kinds of tray elevator to optimize your internal kitchen logistics. Our elevators were developed to process large capacities and to make your dish washing process more efficient. All our tray elevators can be custom-made for your specific situation and demands.


In addition to automating your processes, tray elevators contribute massively to streamlining work processes and to speeding up the total dishwashing process, since trays no longer have to be processed manually. Rendisk has two different types of tray elevators: the flex system and the platform system.

Flex System
The Rendisk vertical tray elevator flex system is to be used in a constructional shaft. It transports trays on flexible Poly Oxy Methyl strips of 220mm wide. The elevator is driven by just one motor. To prevent vibration of trays the machine has a slow-start and slow-stop controlled by a frequency transformer. This elevator is suitable for trays with a size of 325/ 375 x 460/ 530 mm. This Rendisk tray elevator has a maximum capacity of 1000-1200 trays/ hour.

Platform System
The Rendisk vertical platform tray elevator is a continuous running chain system with built in tray support platforms. The operation is almost soundless and has high capacity. A flowing takeover of the trays in and out of the elevator is achieved by a horizontal transfer of the tray supports. This elevator is suitable for trays with a size of 600/ 400/ 400 mm. This Rendisk tray elevator has a maximum capacity of 800-1000 trays/hour.


Rendisk tray elevators are used in many countries in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, universities, company restaurants, maritime areas and locations like holiday and entertainment parks across the globe.

Improve the efficiency of your dish handling process with one of the Rendisk tray elevators:

  • Streamlines work processes
  • Large capacity
  • Custom-made for your situation

optimal service and support

We at Rendisk understand better than anyone that your business has the highest priority and should not be interrupted at any time. That’s why our service and maintenance are focused on reinforcing and supporting your core business. Rendisk trains and supports its own large Rendisk dealer network extensively, and it has branches in all countries where it operates. In short, Rendisk offers you the security and confidence needed to make the main process run smoothly. So with Rendisk, help is always near if you need it. Look for the dealer of Rendisk solutions in your country on our dealer page.


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