Ikea Delft

Delft is one of Europe’s largest and busiest IKEA stores. Covering breakfast, lunch and dinner the restaurant serves 1,200 breakfasts, 600 cold dishes, 3,000 hot meals, 4,000 hotdogs and 500 staff meals every day, meaning the catering and waste management operations have to be efficient, organized and offer an ergonomic solution from 5 am through until 10 pm each day.

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IKEA Delft is a concept store with thousands of customers a day. All concepts of IKEA are first tested in Delft before rolling it out in all stores around the world. Besides testing of the concepts the IKEA Delft store is also a training centre for employees of IKEA worldwide. Rendisk has helped Delft to optimize their dish handling process with both logistic solutions for dishwashing as with food waste solutions. “With the Rendisk Flex WasteDispo we are reducing our waste volume by 80%, saving money and securing even lower prices for our IKEA customers.” , Otto van Daal, Food & Beverages Manager, IKEA Delft.

With state of the art equipment from Rendisk in both dish handling logistics and waste management, IKEA has been able to reduce their costs and waste output at an astonishing rate. Otto van Daal:“By introducing Rendisk to our store we are now achieving savings of more than 800 Euro’s per week!”

By implementing such systems and innovations IKEA pass these benefits onto customers by sustaining low prices or even reducing them further.

Equipment list:

  • Tray handling
  • Sorting unit high-low
  • Cutlery magnet
  • In-line tray changer
  • Flex WasteDispo Dehydrated
  • Circular