Reed Elsevier B.V.

Elsevier is a Dutch publishing company located in the business district of Amsterdam. The main challenge of this project was been the location of the dishwash area which is positioned on the level beneath the main kitchen and dining area.

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Rendisk were tasked to deliver a tray handling system including a compact tray elevator in order to transport the trays from level 2 to level 1. In the dishwash area Rendisk also incorporated the high/low sorting system in order to efficiently sort all dishes and cutlery.

The tray elevator allows co-workers to efficiently use the total capacity of the system. The elevator is compact and is built in to a very small shaft. This was a challenge for the team but Rendisk were capable of offering a system that works while never compromising of performance.“Elsevier as over 900 diners each day covering lunch and banqueting events throughout the working week. Due to our logistics on site, we needed support from the professionals, thanks to Rendisk, we now have a solution that works” added Andy Eisma, Facility Manager, Elsevier B.V.

Equipment list:

  • Tray handling system
  • Tray elevator