The Google Tel Aviv Office is a building with 7 floors and over a thousand employees. Sustainability played a vital role to Google in the development of the office. Rendisk food waste solutions fits perfect into a sustainable organizational policy.

By introducing the Rendisk Flex WasteDispo Google were able to significantly reduce waste by incorporating a system that fit perfectly into the site requirements. Google have restaurants spread across three floors where fresh products are used to serve to 3,500 meals per day over breakfast and lunch. This results in a large quantity of waste from the ingredients so a solution had to be found. “We opted for the Flex WasteDispo because it's hygienic, compact and easy to install. Additionally, it solves logistic issues and forces workers to use the recycling system. And because the vacuum based solution requires compact 50mm PVC piping which is unique compared to other systems it is perfectly suited for existing buildings . , Dror Zonshein, FCSI Consultant, Google, Tel Aviv.

The Flex WasteDispo solves the waste issues on site and also reduces the amount of labor needed to manage waste on a daily basis, resulting in further savings.

Equipment list:

  • Rendisk Flex WasteDispo 210 with intermediate tank, total distance ~340 meter