Wellington College

Wellington College is an independent school in England southwest of London. With both Rendisk dish handling solutions and food waste solutions we were able to reduce their total amount of food waste massively. “Thanks to the solution of Rendisk which includes the Flex WasteDispo, we reduced our costs with almost 85%. So that's a massive reduction.” - Philip Stockwell, General Manager Catering Department, Wellington College.

Wellington College is the home to more than 1,000 students and 300 teachers where food is a central part of the day. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner in a timely manner is crucial and so is the resulting wash up and waste operation. Wellington is split into two catering areas. Food is prepared in the main kitchen and the dishwash room is where the soiled plates are transported back to using the Rendisk Dish Handling System. This allowed Rendisk to integrate a waste station into the sorting system to increase efficiency and ergonomics. A second waste station is positioned in the potwash area. Both waste stations are connected to the centralized dewater unit in the basement.

Handling of food waste within the small kitchens and dishwash room was the main challenge. The Rendisk FlexWaste Dispo Dehydrated allows staff to handle the organic waste in an efficient and hygienic way. “We’re delighted; We are now experiencing a huge reduction in waste handling that results in an ROI of 2-3 years” said Stockwell.

Equipment list:

  • Dish handling system
  • Flex WasteDispo Dehydrated
  • Sorting unit high-low