Cutlery Magnet

In addition to automating your processes, a cutlery magnet contributes significantly to hygiene and ergonomics, since cutlery no longer has to be processed manually. Rendisk has developed two different types of cutlery magnets to connect seamlessly to every type of sorting system.

Improve hygiene and ergonomics

Cutlery magnets are designed to extract cutlery automatically from the trays. The magnet drops the cutlery into a cutlery basket (= belt type model) or places the cutlery in the small cutlery baskets inside a flight type dishwasher (= rotor type model).

Rendis Cutlery Magnet - Contributes significantly to the hygiene and ergonomics in your kitchen

Belt Model

The Rendisk Cutlery Magnet Belt Model is designed to take the cutlery from trays and deposit it into cutlery baskets. The magnet is positioned above the belt of the sorting system and automatically takes out the cutlery. At the corner the magnetic field is reduced so the cutlery can drop down.

Rotor Model
The Rendisk Cutlery Magnet Rotor Model is especially designed to take cutlery from the trays and feed it into the small cutlery baskets of the tray washer. It deposits the cutlery from a tray into a cutlery basket on the belt of the tray leading to the cutlery washer. Inside the permanent magnet rotates and collects the cutlery. From the top a slide guides the washed cutlery down. The slide is covered with High Molecular Polyethylene to reduce noise. The magnet is covered with SS and HMPE.


Rendisk cutlery magnets are used in many countries in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, universities, company restaurants, maritime areas and locations like holiday and entertainment parks across the globe.

Improve the efficiency of your dish handling process with the Rendisk cutlery magnets:

  • Hygienic
  • Ergonomic
  • Time saving

optimal service and support

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