Founded in Ruurlo, the Netherlands in 1973, Rendisk has grown to become a leader with the brand Rendisk in dishwashing logistics and food waste solutions for professional kitchens in locations around the world. We support kitchen teams with smart logistic solutions for dishwashing and groundbreaking solutions for processing your kitchen waste. All our efforts are focused on making work in the kitchen easier, more efficient and more sustainable. But always with care for the local and world environment most in mind.


Rendisk know exactly what happens in the kitchen. We combine technical insight with a thorough knowledge of the food service industry and use our experience to improve dish washing and waste processing systems. The profits occur from improved flow, fewer required actions, less storage and less waste. That’s why Rendisk solutions are used in many areas, from hospitals to restaurants and from universities to company restaurants, across the globe.

During the design phase we work together with our customers to define the most logical routing for tableware, to reduce and remove waste, to minime running costs and, last but not least, to offer the best ergonomics for the workstations. That is how we at Rendisk underscore the importance we have placed for so many years on doing socially responsible business in dishwashing and waste management.

Rendisk Solutions - A smart solutions for every situation


Every situation is different; every client has their own wishes and needs. This means each situation needs its own solution. Our specialists design solutions for every specific situation. But our starting point is always to deliver efficiency, logistics, ergonomics, user-friendliness and a good fit with rinsing and dishwashing equipment. While developing our solutions we always focus on the functional capacity demands, the current logistic processes and the behaviour of users. That integral focus guarantees efficient solutions with low operational costs.


Rendisk is pre-eminently a specialist. We make a conscious choice to keep research and development, production, sales and service all under our immediate management. We guarantee the best adaptation to the needs of the client, continual innovation, high-quality products that are easy to use and an expert, devoted service organization.

Part of Ali Group

Rendisk is proud to be part of Ali Group.

Rendisk is proud to be part of Ali Group, a global market leader in the foodservice equipment industry with over 70 individual brands. Together we provide a unique heritage of expertise in the world of foodservice equipment.

International Sales Manager Art Huisjes

Rendisk Experience Center Amsterdam

Rendisk is very pleased to introduce our new International Sales Manager Art Huisjes. He has started to work for Rendisk since the 1st of February 2020 and will join our 
team with his work experience for years within in the professional kitchen industry.