Rendisk circular – composter system

Rendisk specializes with the Rendisk brand in groundbreaking solutions for processing your organic kitchen waste. One of our solutions for recycling food waste, which is under development, is the Rendisk Circular composter system. Managing your food waste with the Rendisk Circular fits the principle of Cradle 2 Cradle (C2C) perfectly in which we at Rendisk strongly believe. C2C means that the raw materials you use can be completely recycled without losing their value. The Rendisk Circular turns all your food waste into fertilizer, so you have a completely new valuable product. It’s the next step in organic waste management and effectively closes the loop.

Important note: because this product is under development, this is only deliverable in consultation.

The next step in food waste management

  • Zero waste
  • The first integrated composter system
  • Winner SMART Label Award 2015
  • 100% sustainable solution
  • Cradle 2 Cradle
  • Small footprint of just 5 m2
  • Safe residual product (complies with EU standard EC 142/2011 & EC 1069/2009)
  • Easy to install and to use
Rendisk Circular - The first integrated composter system

The Rendisk Circular includes waste station(s), a dewater unit and a composter, but it nevertheless has a footprint of only
5 m2. The whole process starts at the waste station(s) where you put in the organic waste. The waste stations can be positioned throughout your kitchen wherever the food waste arises. You can have one or many waste stations, depending on how much organic waste you’ll need to dispose. All waste stations are connected to a single pipe system. Inside the waste station the food waste is ground and then transported through vacuum pipes that are just 50 mm wide to the storage room.

The video below explains perfectly how the Rendisk Circular works:

We can offer you 3 different types of storage, so all may choose the solution that fits their situation best. In this variant Circular, the waste is transported to a composter unit which can be up to 240 metres away. For the other types of storage go to Rendisk Flex WasteDispo – Wet Waste or Rendisk Flex WasteDispo – Dehydrated.


In the Rendisk Circular the food waste is dewatered using a special centrifugal technique. By using this technique we can reduce your food waste with 80%. After being dewatered, the food waste is transferred into the composter which consists of two compartments. In the first compartment we mix up the food waste to get a good mixture. We also add biochemical enzymes at this point. These will speed up the process of turning the food waste into fertilizer. By doing this we get a total waste reduction of 92%. What’s leftover is only 8% of the food waste you originally threw into the waste station. When this process is finished the fertilizer, no longer food waste, falls into the second compartment of the composter. Here the temperature is raised to 70 degrees to make sure that all the germs and bacteria are killed and that we can guarantee the fertilizer is safe for use.

Rendisk Circular - A total waste reduction of 92%


The Rendisk Circular is perfectly suited for restaurants and business restaurants, universities, hospitals, hotels, maritime areas and locations like holiday and entertainment parks. Because of its small footprint of only 5 m2 and because of the small piping, it’s easy to install in both new and existing kitchens.

Important note: because this product is under development, this is only deliverable in consultation.


We guarantee that the fertilizer will stay for at least 24 hours in the second compartment of our composter system. When all diseases are killed, the fertilizer is transported through vacuum pipes to the Fertilizer Collection Station. What’s left in this station is a safe fertilizer that complies with EU standard EC 142/2011 & EC 1069/2009. The farmer where you buy your ingredients and groceries, for example, can use your fertilizer after further composting on his land. In this way you can effectively close the loop.


During its introduction at the Host 2015 in Milan, the Rendisk Circular won the prize: SMART Label Award 2015. SMART Label is an award for innovation in the hospitality industry and is awarded to those products / services / projects that stand out with distinctive features in terms of functionality, technology, environmental sustainability, or ethical or social implications.

Nature is our main source of food, so it’s time to give something back: the Rendisk Circular.

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