Food waste becomes soil conditioner

The Platform Biodiversity, Ecosystems & Economy (Platform BEE) is committed to preserving and restoring biodiversity and ecosystems as a precondition for a strong economy and a healthy environment. The Platform is an initiative of VNO-NCW (the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers) and environmental organisation IUCN NL (the International Union for Conservation of Nature in the Netherlands). Business representatives, nature organizations and the knowledge community are part of the Platform.

Rendisk has been invited to attend the Natural Capital Conference - Let's Talk Business 23-24 November 2016. Together with our loyal partner Ikea Delft, we initiated a natural capital project. By doing this, we both want to ensure that Ikea has a business that's future-proof.

A wide variety of over 50 Dutch companies also initiated natural capital projects organized by Platform BEE. In and around the company buildings, through the supply chains and by investing in natural landscapes. Platform BEE has united these stories into an attractive brochure.

Please read our inspiring story:

Read our inspiring story of food waste becomes soil conditioner