Rendisk is proud to announce that our most recent project Westfield Shepherd´s Bush has been commissioned and in full operation since the beginning of this month.

Westfield – London’s largest shopping mall
Shepherd’s Bush Westfield Shopping Centre has a marvelous 150,000 square meters of shopping pleasure and therefore is the largest shopping mall of London. Westfield houses include 265 high end shops, 50 restaurants, a luxury spa, a cinema, a library and a gym. The center has a whopping 27,300,000 annual customer visitors.

Stand together for sustainability
The shopping center offers a great variety of different restaurants, bars and lunch rooms. Rendisk is very pleased to accommodate this food court with an unique dish handling solution and state of the art waste management system, the Rendisk Flex WasteDispo. Westfield has chosen this innovative vacuum disposal system because it eliminates all internal transport of food waste and it can achieve a massive waste reduction. Our innovative waste solution reduces the amount of food waste by up to 80%. The dry pulp that remains is not only beneficial for hygienic reasons, as it is also an environmentally friendly way to process all kinds of organic waste.

Sustainability is integrated with Westfield Corporation’s core business activities. The aim of sustainable business practice is to operate, more efficiently, use energy more wisely, produce less waste and use the latest technologies available. An ideology that fits perfectly the solutions of Rendisk.

Improved working conditions with Rendisk solution
Another unique Rendisk solution that Westfield has chosen for is an ergonomic sorting unit. Ergonomic because the coworkers of the scullery are triggered to sort the dishes in the most efficient and effective possible way. The sorting unit offers the co workers a responsible ergonomic upright posture during the sorting of the dishes and prevents unpleasant working positions.

Rendisk congratulates Westfield with their food court and wishes all the staff a lot of pleasure and ease of work with the Rendisk solutions.